GGGears GUI with its preview tab openedGGGears is a software tool which aims an almost automatic finite element modeling of power transmissions including external or internal cylindrical gears. The finite element models created with GGGears are parametric in the sense that the user is just asked to fill up entry masks with all relevant gear and geometry parameters. Modifications of any input parameter are taken into account for the geometry, mesh and finite element model generation in subsequent calculations without any further user intervention.

GGGears is based on GMSH and GetFEM++. GMSH is a powerful mesh generator and GetFEM++ is a flexible finite element framework including an extendible finite element library and support for contact mechanics. Through GetFEM++, GGGears is interfaced to the powerful linear solver MUMPS, which permits the calculation of very large models.

The project is in an early development stage and essential components like the modeling of shafts and bearings have to be implemented yet. However, GGGears has already several quite interesting features.