Release 0.1.3
Written by K. Poulios   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 18:24

A new development release of GGGears with the version number 0.1.3 was published a couple of days ago. The most important features in this release are listed below:

  • The FEM modeler and solver has been rewritten in C++, still based on GetFEM++
  • All calculation results are combined in a single file ready for post-processing with ParaView
  • A launcher for ParaView has been integrated in the GGGears menu
  • Contact nodal forces are included in the calculation results

Although there are still several important features to be implemented until GGGears will be ready for practical purposes, the currently available functionality has a certain practical usefulness. With the current version it is possible for a user to evaluate the impact of different tooth flank modifications.

Release 0.1.2
Written by K. Poulios   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 07:44

The most important new feature in the release 0.1.2 is the tooth flank modifications module. A corresponding section has been added in the graphical user interface inside the gear tab, where the user can apply the following types of tooth flank modifications:

  • Tip Relief
  • Profile Crowning
  • Lead Angle
  • End Relief
  • Lead Crowning

Another useful feature that has been included in this release is some basic user input checks. The format of the user input is checked for almost all input fields of the application. Value range checks are done for several input fields as well. In case of invalid data the content of the edited field is reverted to its previous value.